søndag 8. november 2009

The sweetness of a ripe banana

When our bananas start to look like this
my husband wants to throw them away.
But inside there is mature sweetness
Perfect for a massive banana cake!
And he loves banana cake!
No more talk about throwing anything away!
Until next time he spots some brown bananas.

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

cant beat banana cake - but as usual I want to ask - wheres the butter?

Marjie sa...

I always make banana cakes when we get our cases of bananas, and banana bread, and banana muffins. But I frost my banana cakes. Sometimes I use vanilla frosting, sometimes chocolate, but the kids love best when I frost with vanilla and make lines of melted chocolate over the whole top of the cake.

Like your husband, my kids holler about brown bananas being "rotten", and I have to tell them to leave the room before I swat them with a long handled spoon.

monica sa...

mmmm banana cake, with a frosting of dark chocolate mmmm :o)

antigoni sa...

Great idea. I love banana cake, too.

buffalodick sa...

I always make banana bread! Cake sounds great!