tirsdag 3. november 2009

Lungemos and Tea time

There is something called "Lungemos" in Norway
Some love it, some hate it , some haven't even tried it
and there is them who haven't heard of it at all.
We used to have it for our dinner in the seventies,
cheap and good and very child-friendly
We used to mash out potatoes in it
and the taste was salty and spicy,
and no need to chew
It's the Haggis of Norway
made of meat, heart, lungs and other stuff from pork, lamb or cow.
(Lungemos means mash of lungs,
maybe that's what putting people off?)
Today I got a surprise at work.
A colleague brought me a book,
which she had got from someone.
Since I am a anglofile Norwegian girl
who loves to cook and bake, this was a treat for me!
A book about traditions, reciepes and little anecdotes..

Crumpets.. The first time I went to visit my husbands family
I got these round strange things, full of holes,
warm and dripping with butter
in what would become my mother-in-law's kitchen.
I might not try to make them, but there is other things in there
like scones, mincemeat pies, fruitcakes, tarts, biscuits and cucumber sandwiches.

5 kommentarer:

buffalodick sa...

I'm OK with innards.. a lot of people aren't, but to me they taste stronger than regular cuts of meat, but in an agreeable way...

doggybloggy sa...

I can see why smashed lungs would not sound too popular - I like most of these meats but I have to say that lung is not one of them...nice little book you have there.....

monica sa...

Lungemos hm... getting all nostalgic here, memories of a long gone childhood in a country far far away... well, not that far.. only an hours flight, or 4 hours drive and 8 hours ferry.. somehow I haven't had the urge to get me some lungemos since the days way back then.... even though I did enjoy it as a child...

great book! perfect for you!

Marina sa...

A lot of English cakes -and more...- are coming in your kitchen.
Is lungemos like chopped meat? If it's so I like it with spaggetti!

Marjie sa...

Innards just don't appeal to me. Your book, however, was a wonderful gift!