søndag 28. juni 2009


Life in the garden on a warm summer morning.
My breakfast on the stairs
Rhubarb from the garden
A favourite from when I was young
My mum used to make this:
Icecold thin rhubarbsoup
To drink or eat with a spoon
Extremely refreshing on a hot summer day! To be sure it stays cold enough
add a couple ice cubes

This is summer in a glass

mandag 22. juni 2009

I've got little

I'm experiencing a slight desert-ish situation
in the creative center of my brain.

It't not like I'm not cooking or enjoying life
it's just that after work, my garden are so green and tempting
and the laptop is left alone more than it likes
Its lovely summer now
Dinkie is enjoying a visit from her aunt Emma
At the cabin
its green, green!
There is no running water, but a well that fills up with ground water
We lift the water up with buckets.
For the hand hygiene, we fill up a tank with a tap
and voila!
And then there is always a pile of waffles
around the corner
I'll be back
when inspiration calls!

torsdag 11. juni 2009

Pink fishing princess

Last night my daughter went on a fishing trip
with two of her friends
They stood on a bridge with their fishing rods
casting out and reeling in!
And what happiness and joy!
A mackerel was passing by!
Even though she has become more squeamish with age
Being a young lady with painted fingernails and all

The excitement over the fish pushed it all aside
She opened it eagerly, to look inside

Studying the guts, finding it very interesting!
The fish had fish for it's last supper

I'm so proud of my Pink fishing Princess
While I was telling you about the fishing adventure
She came home again
with two more!
Tonight she would hear nothing of not preparing it
even though we've had our dinner.

Beautiful isn't it!

Turn it in flour with salt and pepper
Fry it in butter or oil

serve with potatoes, sour cream and cucumber salad

Food from the fiord!

tirsdag 9. juni 2009

Calling the senses

See the cabin

Listen to the baby birds in the nest under the roof
Taste the salmon, veggies and feta cheese
Smell the coffee
Feel the warmth

torsdag 4. juni 2009

Simple sausage

Hello little Angius fragilis
living under a rock.
A good sausage over an open fire
Served with a good salad. The simple way I like it