lørdag 3. juli 2010

Kitchen joy

As I was handrolling the Spicy meat balls
I opened a bottle of ice cold beer with a twist of lime
It was summer in my heart
The amandine potatoes was baking in the oven
sprinkled with sea salt

Then we took our food out in the garden
and enjoyed it in the summer evening
Rhubarb crumble was baking in the oven
While while we had our dinner
But we had to wait a while to eat it
we were too full!

Finally we were ready for our sweet, tangy and crusty

6 kommentarer:

ayamlin sa...

oh, everything looks delish!!!!

doggybloggy sa...

I would love a toubourg with a little lime!

Marjie sa...

it looks wonderful! Hope your summer continues to be so sweet.

gemma sa...

What a great evening...food looks wonderful.

Marina sa...

Mmmm!Good idea! I'll make meatballs for tommorow's lunch!

monica sa...

so nice ! I too enjoy the new tuborg with lime!
you are so good at creating good and cosy times :o) I love it. And you!