tirsdag 13. juli 2010

Pretending to be on holiday

Salad of watermelon
feta cheese
and basil
Served with good friends
that can handle to be served again and again
This time in lovely sunlight!
And some applecake

A couple of lemon balm leaves
and lavender flowers from my garden
to make it pretty

I am still at work
Longing for my holiday
pretending to be on holiday!
I am a great pretender
but I want the real thing now!
only 1,5 week more
and I'll be off for 3 weeks!

4 kommentarer:

monica sa...

nei nå kl ´kvart på fire en vanlig onsdag - da blir man altså sulten av denslags!! m m m !

Marjie sa...

Hooray for Vacations! Sadly, those of us who are self employed never get 3 weeks off, although sometimes we can get 3 or even 4 days off in a row!

Marina sa...

I'm in your game!!! I'll pretend that I'm on vacations for the next three Brussels-years! At the moment I'm so tired with the moving and everything that I wish I could sleep for three days and when I would wake up everyhing would be set up! I need a magic wand of a fairy!!!:)

Anette sa...

Monica: ja det er en farlig tid på dagen!! Best å holde seg unna matblogger da!

Marjie: Thats the charm of being self employed guess! In Norway we have 5 weeks holiday in a year. I usually take out 3 weeks in the summer, the rest in spring and autumn.

Marina: Are you staying there for 3 years? I hate moving too, it is exhausting! All the things to sort out and all the oganizing! Pheew!