mandag 9. mai 2011

Little Chef's Confirmation

If you remember 3 years ago
This Saturday it was Little Chef's turn
He wore a handsome suit, and was of course
the most beautiful young man of the ceremony!
Like last time, we had his English Grandparents and his Aunt Marie
coming over from England, and had a great time with them!
We had lovely food
and of course
Flags are important in a Norwegian celebration
Spot the reflection in the cheesecake!
These are a few of the lovely cakes we had
Like last time,
we have eaten cake every day since,
filled boxes in the freezer and are now
longing for a green apple!

3 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

Congratulations to your son! Those cakes look wonderful; it's nice that family came to visit and celebrate.

monica sa...

congratulations!! big boy now!! can't wait to see a pic of the handsome little ( big?) chef ..

MiMosa sa...

It was really a nice day, and our little chef was the best! We did the day almost professionally, didn`t we Anette?