mandag 5. mai 2008

Guests and celebration

This coming Saturday
We will celebrate our 14,5 year old daughter's
Civil confirmation.
Its a Secular coming of age ceremony.
I think it's a good alternative to the Christian one
which I went through when I was her age.
For her it's the right choice
and this decision was hers.

Tomorrow my parents-in-law and my sister-in-law
will come visiting from England!
We can't wait to see them!
And we've taken the rest of the week off
to be with them

So these coming days we will be enjoying their company
and planning the celebration om Saturday.
I will keep my camera ready
and I might post some photos later

5 kommentarer:

VE sa...

Interesting. I know nothing of that tradition; I'll have to go see what it's about.

Anette sa...

ve: yes check it out, I found a quite good explanation on wikipedia. Do you have a way to celebrate coming of age?

monica123 sa...

tror at Thatcham Berkshire på en eller annen forunderlig måte er meg , når jeg logger på via jobben... har lagt merke til at den kommer hver gang jeg har vært der, noen ganger er jeg inne flere ganger pr. dag, du vet når trangen til litt Anette-input kommer over meg... hmmmm... mystisk...

doggybloggy sa...

have fun..take lots of pictures

Anette sa...

Monica: så rart og mystisk!!
men en lettelse også da! har firmaet en kopling til Thatcham?

Le Chien: I will! The weather is splendid, and we're impressing the English who thought they would see polar bears in the street, but got sun burnt instead!