søndag 5. juni 2011

The first day of summer

It was a lovely summer day
at the cabin
So green and warm
A bit of gardening
a lot of relaxing,
thats the recipe for recharging our batteries
Picking flowers and enjoying a pink grapefruitAnd a ice cold beer...We went to the little lake
to cool off
shoes on
shoes off
Then we jumped in!
I brought my shampoo, and washed my hair while
threading the water

4 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

Who's the dog? That's not Dinky!

I'm always amazed that your seasons and foliage seem to exactly coincide with mine despite the fact that you are much farther north!

antigoni sa...

Hi Anette!
You are a camping girl!
I love that. You must visit the campings in Greece. They are very organized. I hope you come in our country again, soon.

Maria Florencee sa...

The first bath of the year!

and btw, that is our dog Dinky :-)

Anette sa...

Yes that is our Dinky, nine years old and needing a haircut! After the photo was taken, I put her in the water because she was so hot, she swam to shore and wasn't impressed. She hates water.