fredag 24. juni 2011

Enjoying it

Even though it's summer
I am still at work
every weekday!
Every Friday a new work mate shouts
"have a good holiday!"
I'm not off until four weeks has gone bye!
But I cant ask the summer to wait for that!
I enjoy every afternoon, and every weekend
And even at work or if it rains I keep a little sunny corner of my brain
This is one of our summer guests in the garden
Sausages on the grill
Blue- and boysenberry crumble
And mincemeat pies
(I know slightly wrong season)
The taste of the filling with the currants and all the delight, yum!
Brought a glass of it from England in February.

2 kommentarer:

Marina sa...

Wonderful idea the sousage with bacon!!! I'll try it!!!
Is Greece in your holiday programme this year?
I write in English AND Greek again! You can read me and play in my game!!! You're invited!!!
My translator didn't work after all...

Marjie sa...

I can take a week off next week, but that's not long. That's the problem with being self employed.

Oh, well, at least i can go outside when it's quiet!