fredag 29. april 2011

Measuring device with a history

We keep this item at the cabin
we use it all the time
This item has a history:
My mother, she was born one month before
the second world war came to Norway.
Norway was invaded 9th of April 1940,
she was 3 weeks old
and her family fled the capital to live with her grandparents
in another town.
This kitchen utensil was held by her little hand
5 years later
Norway still paralyzed by war
she fetched soup in it, Swedish soup,
this soup was made of oats
and given out to the hungry children
innocently struck by
When I hold this item in my hand
I sometimes think of my mothers little hand
holding it
not spilling a drop of her treasurable soup

tirsdag 26. april 2011

Day out vs cabin fever

My dad broke his leg a few weeks ago

and at my parents house the cabin fever is increasing

So we took them out for som fresh air.

Filled our picnic baskets.
I found this cool thing at a flea market once:

Sausage anyone?

Loose your shoes, and help yourself with ketchup and mustard

My sister brought a stack of waffles and strawberry jam

I enjoy my waffle

and watch the view:

The little chapel in the center of the photo is where

I married my yorkshire lad

1 th of May 19 years ago

fredag 22. april 2011

The Eggy feeling

The Easter Bunny has been visiting
Hidden eggs here and there

Hidden and found by eager searchers

Even Dinkie found one!
We haven't eaten any sweets in a long looong time

We have a sweet stop going on, which goes on until 16th of june

But the easter egg is given as a exception to the deal

So obviously everyone was very excited!

Flowers at the cabin

søndag 10. april 2011

Water and eggs at the cabin

Pink Princesse has been creative at the cabin

She's preparing for Easter

She has painted empty eggshells

in watercolors Outside, spring has made the ground pretty with the earliest flowers we get in Norway The ice is melting in the little lake and water is overflowing the dam Little Chef is helping!
Pollen is also a part of spring

I've made my precautions:

Eyedrops, nosespray and allergy medicine

therefore I can sit outside in the sun

enjoying a

Good book (notice the reading glasses, I'm getting old....)

A cold beer, lovely!

(Notice the T-shirt, I'm not that old after all..)