lørdag 2. november 2013

Autumn joy

In September my sister and I went on a fabulous trip to Venice. We stayed there for four days and there was no sign of autumn anywhere! It was the most wonderful holiday I've ever had (since the one in Greece where I met my dear Yorkshire lad in 1989)!
What a wonderful place, no cars, no bicycles, just walking people, boats, hundreds of bridges, and no stress. Lots of  people go on a daytrip to Venice, travelling past it, going on a cruise etc. but I will recommend to stay there for a few days, then you will get to know it a bit better, you will have time to willingly get lost, and discover wonderful quiet charming places, away from all the tourists. 
Put Venice on your Bucket List! 

Back in Norway autumn has definitely arrived, it's raining, and clear crisp days, bright colors and dark evenings. 
It's time for comfort food:

Our lovely neighbour came by, bringing an applecake, (not on the photo, because it was irresistable and disappeared scaringly fast) and 4 pairs of socks with a typical Norwegian pattern that she had knitted herself! One pair each, lucky us! 

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Marjie sa...

It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Those socks are very nice. I have friends who knit socks, but I simply don't have the patience to learn.

aryh884 aryh884 sa...

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