fredag 23. januar 2015

Lost friend

It's been such a long time. Allthough I never stop cooking, blogging about it has had a long break. 
In the blogging world you start following other blogs and people start to follow your blog. Some of these people becomes your friend. 

Look at these knives, I won them a few years back or it was meant to be just one, but then I got all three. My friend Christo arranged a competition and I won. 

I have used the knives everyday since , especially the middle one, that's my favourite. 

Today I learned that Christo had passed away. On his facebook page I can see how many people he has inspired, with his ultimate love for cooking, like he inspired me. I'm so sorry, it's a great loss! My thoughts goes to his family tonight. 

3 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

I didn't know about Christo! What happened? He was only my age!

Anette sa...

Marjie, he suffered a sudden heart attack. It's so sad!

Marjie sa...

My husband came so close to that last year. I was lucky that I dragged him to the doctor because he was short of breath and they figured it out in time. I am so sad for Christo's young son.