søndag 25. januar 2015

A good helper

This is my good helper in the kitchen. One of the reasons there has been less (or none) cooking and blogging about it is that over the last two years, a stupid tennis elbow has made both cooking and typing more difficult. (Oh, she's a tennis player you may wonder.. But no, sorry there is not much of a sportswoman in me! )
Long story short, I have had to find new ways to enjoy my hobby and passion for cooking, after I've realized that my right elbow will stay as it is. 
One of my new helpers is this wonderful red creature! Together with him, I redevelop my old ways of baking, in to new ways. And my spirit is raising! 

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Marjie sa...

I have had such a friend for 25 years, and I love it to pieces. I bought one for my son and his bride for Christmas. She loves it, and he loves what it does! I am so glad you are enjoying yours.