torsdag 1. mai 2008

Cabin fever

Today I was struck by cabin fever
I was off work because it's May 1th
It's also our 16th wedding anniversary today
We never make a big deal out of it,
in fact we usually forget.
Since we 're lucky having the day off,
we were looking forward to a lovely day outside
But the rain was pouring down!
and a grey mist was hanging around between the houses
We were getting on each others nerves big time!
My daughter never came out of her jammies
she was chatting with her friends on the net
and did't bother about the weather
she wasn't planning to go out anyway.
But the rest of us (both human and pets)
had to go out despite the falling rain
to avoid total madness
even the camera had a little trip outside before it was
sendt back inside to dry up

And through the lens
I spotted the beauty of a rainy day
After a walk with full rain gear on
The cabin fever was just a memory
and we made cinnamom muffins.

5 kommentarer:

VE sa...

Cinnamon muffins...that'll cure many things...

monica123 sa...

typisk deg Anette - får lett snudd negativ til positiv. herlig!!

monica123 sa...

og gratulerer med dagen igår!! Hurra for dere ! Neil er heldig som har deg!

doggybloggy sa...

pictures of the muffins please

Anette sa...

ve: it sure did. cinnamon we like it!

monica: ja vi kan ikke dvele ved det negative... det finnes alltid noe som er bra, ellers må man jo sørge for det da.. handler om brillene man har på seg.

Le Chien: all gone before I even thought about the camera! I'll hold back next time!