lørdag 3. mai 2008

Grave yard

This is a place I like to visit when I'm in England
Its a grave yard
The graves are very old
no new ones

I walk quietly around reading about
"loving wife"'s and "dearest son"'s
I see the dates of births and deaths
so long ago
I see names of big families
which lost old grandma's and newborn children
sometimes spouses who lived years and years alone
after their loved one had passed away.

The dates are from 1700 and 1800
so I think this is graves of quite wealthy people
poor people in this area probably didn't get buried
with such style.
But the wealthy ones also lost their loved ones
I think about the fact that
in the end they were just like us
or we're like them.
We get born and we die
and in between those dates

there's Life

None of these people are remembered now by living relatives
but their grave stones are still here
telling me about them being born
and dying
I don't know them
and I can only imagine the life they had.

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