søndag 18. mai 2008

Whittling and the first swim of the year

Yesterday my children and I
was sat outside whittling
little boats of bark
Today we had the big launch

Such a lovely day at the little lake near our cabin
My daughter and I wanted to have a go in the canoe
but as you can see of the photo
there was rough waves
and we capsized the canoe spectacularly

A shoe gets very wet I promise you

after a walk on the bottom of a lake!

Good thing I didn't bring my camera to take some photos

of the lovely Waterlillies...

5 kommentarer:

Sornie sa...

Around here hypothermia would set in if you'd capsize your canoe. We're still waiting for spring.

doggybloggy sa...

how nice the lake looks....how did the boats do?

Anette sa...

sornie: poor you! Its not summer here either, but at least we're getting there soon(I hope)

The boats did very well, only the canoe capsized, the little ones were stable as anything. (I have blisters in my knifeholding hand, I'm making a fan, to put on the cabins rooftop, show you later if it ever gets finished)

VE sa...

Whitling...no there is something I haven't done since I was a kid...and I don't think my own kids have ever. They could poke out an eye with that knife you know!

Anette sa...

Ve: but they may not poke anyone's eye out! If they learn how to use a knife (on wood that is) they might like it! Maybe you schould get a knife and take a walk down mamory lane with your kids?