torsdag 29. mai 2008


Tonight we were invited to my parents house for dinner
some lovely red wine
(notice my empty plate in its reflection, cool huh?)

some crispy garlic bread

And my mum's special


check out the link for some fishy information

tirsdag 27. mai 2008

And that's the way the crumble crumbles

Goodbye yoghurt
hello Rhubarb crumble

I'm not worthy!

mandag 26. mai 2008


I've got these..
Wouldn't you love a rhubarb crumble with cream
And if only these two pictures
was followed with a photo of the most
delicious and generous serving
of sweet rhubarb crumble..
the rhubarb is tucked away
in the freezer
and I'm here with a lousy
blueberry yoghurt
(no offence to the yoghurt)

onsdag 21. mai 2008

Piece of Heaven

No further comment is needed.

Shape of my heart

This song is one of my favourites:

good film too..

søndag 18. mai 2008

Whittling and the first swim of the year

Yesterday my children and I
was sat outside whittling
little boats of bark
Today we had the big launch

Such a lovely day at the little lake near our cabin
My daughter and I wanted to have a go in the canoe
but as you can see of the photo
there was rough waves
and we capsized the canoe spectacularly

A shoe gets very wet I promise you

after a walk on the bottom of a lake!

Good thing I didn't bring my camera to take some photos

of the lovely Waterlillies...

fredag 16. mai 2008

17th of May

In Norway, tomorrow is a special day.
If you want to check it out:
This is what we do
the children from all the schools
march in parades
waving their little Norwegian flags
singing and shouting Hurrah!
They get to eat as much icecream they want
and hot dogs, and cake.
Tonight lots of parents (mostly mothers)
are ironing shirts and dresses.
This year my family decided,
we had enough celebrating for a long time
last week.
So we did a runner
up to our cabin

Outside it's raining
but in our hearts the sun is shining

Our sanctuary

Our asylum

mandag 12. mai 2008

The food

Somehow we're not so hungry right now!

søndag 11. mai 2008

The cakes

No party without cakes!

The flowers

The flower arrangements were made
in the middle of the night friday
All set for the day after

The table was ready
And so were we!

torsdag 8. mai 2008

Sweet smells and a KitKat

A little stroll in the garden
the smell of sweetness is so strong
and the air is warm even if it's evening.
It's lovely May
my guests are happy
and the feelings good

A little moment of silence
reading a few blogs
enjoying a couple of british treats
brought to me by my mother-in-law.

mandag 5. mai 2008

Guests and celebration

This coming Saturday
We will celebrate our 14,5 year old daughter's
Civil confirmation.
Its a Secular coming of age ceremony.
I think it's a good alternative to the Christian one
which I went through when I was her age.
For her it's the right choice
and this decision was hers.

Tomorrow my parents-in-law and my sister-in-law
will come visiting from England!
We can't wait to see them!
And we've taken the rest of the week off
to be with them

So these coming days we will be enjoying their company
and planning the celebration om Saturday.
I will keep my camera ready
and I might post some photos later

lørdag 3. mai 2008

Grave yard

This is a place I like to visit when I'm in England
Its a grave yard
The graves are very old
no new ones

I walk quietly around reading about
"loving wife"'s and "dearest son"'s
I see the dates of births and deaths
so long ago
I see names of big families
which lost old grandma's and newborn children
sometimes spouses who lived years and years alone
after their loved one had passed away.

The dates are from 1700 and 1800
so I think this is graves of quite wealthy people
poor people in this area probably didn't get buried
with such style.
But the wealthy ones also lost their loved ones
I think about the fact that
in the end they were just like us
or we're like them.
We get born and we die
and in between those dates

there's Life

None of these people are remembered now by living relatives
but their grave stones are still here
telling me about them being born
and dying
I don't know them
and I can only imagine the life they had.

torsdag 1. mai 2008

Cabin fever

Today I was struck by cabin fever
I was off work because it's May 1th
It's also our 16th wedding anniversary today
We never make a big deal out of it,
in fact we usually forget.
Since we 're lucky having the day off,
we were looking forward to a lovely day outside
But the rain was pouring down!
and a grey mist was hanging around between the houses
We were getting on each others nerves big time!
My daughter never came out of her jammies
she was chatting with her friends on the net
and did't bother about the weather
she wasn't planning to go out anyway.
But the rest of us (both human and pets)
had to go out despite the falling rain
to avoid total madness
even the camera had a little trip outside before it was
sendt back inside to dry up

And through the lens
I spotted the beauty of a rainy day
After a walk with full rain gear on
The cabin fever was just a memory
and we made cinnamom muffins.