mandag 20. april 2009

Cheese cake

This is one of my familys favourite cakes
It requires no baking in oven:
225 g digestive bisquits crushed
125 g butter
200-225 g Philadelfia cream cheese
100 g icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanillasugar
300 g sour cream
0,25 l cream
yello - made with half the amount of water
(to this packet I used 0,25 l instead of 0,5 l)
Melt the butter and crush the bisquits in it
press down in the bottom of a round bakingtray (22 cm)
with loose bottom and baking paper
Mix cheese, sour cream, icing flour and whipped cream
add yello when it had cooled down, but still is liquid
Pour on top of the layer of bisquits
Put the cake in the fridge to set
If you want a fancy topping
make another batch of yello
also with half the amount of water
when the cake is set and the yello is cooled down
leave it in the fridge and pour the yello on top.
This is no cake for a diet, unless you're far to skinny
But every now and then, just to treat yourself
It's perfect!

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

wow thats a rich cake - and with the jello it must set quickly...

Marjie sa...

This is a great idea. I love cheese cake, but hate to bake it. It just seems wrong to bake cheese.

buffalodick sa...

Never made one with gelatin.. I know they're quicker.. Looked great!

antigoni sa...

We had cheesecake yesterday, too. Marina's recipe. Yours looks very tasty. Marina's was tasty, too. I couldn't stop eating.