torsdag 30. april 2009

Another cornbread

I'm googling cornbread
I've tried one that was cakelike, sweet and nice
but I've heard that it can be used as a sidebread to warm meals!
Today I've tried a more salty version.
Less sugar, less fat, more cornmeal and with canned corn.
Since I have my lovely chile
I added some in the batter
just because.
I didn't follow the reciepe all the way
I swapped the oily skillet with a bread baking tray with baking paper
It worked very well!

Lovely with or without butter.
If there is any left at dinner time, we'll eat it on the side.

5 kommentarer:

monica sa...

yes please, and a cup of tea as well.

doggybloggy sa...

nice job! but I bet with the corn this one was a little sweet too -

Anette sa...

Monica: I'll put the kettle on!

Le Chien: It was still a little bit sweet, but much less cake-ish! More like food if you know what I mean.

buffalodick sa...

Cornbread is huge down south, but in Michigan- hardly ever seen.. I like it, but it's got to be sweet, moist, and buttered!

Marjie sa...

Betcha there won't be any left!