fredag 17. april 2009

To throw down the glove

There is so many things to tell
we are so much more than we show
Luckily we can decide what to tell in our blog
It can be a place free of stress and
a place of peace, creativity and recreation.
I want it to be like that
and fight my battles away from here,
At the moment
I'm throwing down my glove and challenge our challenges
But being mostly a passifist
I do it with patience, patience and
LOVEAnd the gloves?
I pick them up from the floor
take them on
And throw the Love sign
Before I get out to my rake and broom
to fresh up the garden after the snow
I enjoy this morning crunchyness
Kellogs All bran plus, linseeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, banana and buttermilk.
Come on gloves, lets get out in the sun!

3 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

I thought there was going to be a challenge.....instead its fruit and yard work...just as good I guess

buffalodick sa...

A sanctioned fight requires at least 8 oz. gloves, approved by a boxing commission....:)

Jocelyn sa...

You actually made all bran look delicious.

That's astonishing to me.