mandag 20. april 2009

Three different things on a Monday

Another flat tire!
Little Chef can't do without his bicycle!
Mommy's fixing it:

I was looking out at our hedge
It is still kind of grayish, untill the leaves come.
Suddenly my eyes cauht something green:
a little misteltoe has started to grow. It is always green.
Misteltoe is a protected plant,
we should not cut down a tree if there is a misteltoe in it.
Who's gonna kiss under it?
Probably the little birds, they sound very jolly these days!
Craving something salty?
Try some caviar on your crispbread or sandwich.
Usually I eat it with boiled egg
but this time I had a boiled potato.
Yes, you can put that on your bread!
Strange maybe, but very tasty

7 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

strange - yes - but super tasty I am sure! Why is mistletoe protected?

Marjie sa...

My dearly beloved would love the caviar in a tube. I too would like to know why mistletoe is protected.

ayamlin sa...

Oh, it's very convinient.
I have an image caviare is way too
expensive! but isnt' it expensive?

Anette sa...

Le Chien: I'm not sure why it is protected in Norway. It is very rare in our country, but very common in my village.

Marjie: I bet he would have liked it! It's not a luxurious version, just an everyday and popular spread for your sandwich.. very practical in a tube!

Ayamlin: This caviar is not expencive, it is not like the russian.

antigoni sa...

Everything comes through mother's hands. The food, the cleaning, kids and the manual work. Women manage everything perfectly.

monica sa...

antigoni: not all women, Anette in particular manages everything! She is the best! Her husband and children are so lucky to have her and I am so proud to call her my best friend forever!! BFF!!!

TavoLini sa...

neat idea--you know, I've honestly never tried caviar.