mandag 7. september 2009

A good day with the sun and the sea

This weekend the Pink Princesse and I
went to the lovely south east of Norway
where there is smooth rocky islands and salty sea
as far as the eye can see!
Some friends and their daughters invited us to their cabin
My daughter and I are something we like to call
Land crabs
That means people that spend most of their time on land
and rarely experience the joy of the boatlife!
This weekend we got wind in our hair and salty showers
in our faces

It was a brilliant weekend
just sparkling!

6 kommentarer:

antigoni sa...

I'm sure you had great time. I wish more perfect moments for you and your family.

ayamlin sa...

Hi Anette!
it must've been a beautiful weekend:)
Is the beach around your house?
If I go to beach, I should drive for two hours.

Marjie sa...

What a pretty seashore! I love that bridge; it's one of my favorite styles.

monica sa...

b e a utiful! Great photos, best scenery ever, love it!

buffalodick sa...

Looks like a very beautiful part of the world...

doggybloggy sa...

how did I miss this post? looks like fun - did you do any fishing?