onsdag 30. september 2009

Meat and potato pie

I'm married to a Yorkshire lad
and if I really want to make him happy
I'll make him some true British grub
All I need is meat, onions, potatoes and carrots
thyme, rosmary, salt and pepper
and my friend, time...
Home made pastry: wheat flour, butter, salt and water
covers the meaty goodness in the pie dish

Take a photo before hacking through

Ah! the simple and good life!
And the Yorkshire lad
was so pleased!

5 kommentarer:

buffalodick sa...

I've made Shepherd's pie, but never a meat pie like that!

Marjie sa...

And my lads would have an absolute fit if I put everything in a pie plate. This looks good!

Anette sa...

Buffalo: According to British husband Pies are heaven! so put "pie" behind the name and top anything with pastry and he'll be happy!

Marjie: This is actually something picky eaters might like, as there is not so many ingredients. The ones that don't like each food type touching another type, will not like it though!

KennyT sa...

It looks beautiful & yum!!!

Paula sa...

I found you from Marjie's blog ... adore her! And I would adore a serving of your pie! Your pastry looks perfect, all golden and flaky. And I like the cutouts you put on top! Your hubby is a lucky guy!