tirsdag 1. september 2009

Mushroom walk on a Tuesday

It's time for mushrooms in the woods
Color like this usually sais "stay away from this!"
A mushroom on a tree

A big one, probably dangerous to eat

This one smelled good, but I never bring home the one I don't know!
We went around a little lake in the wood

I love the smell of the marsh around it.

This amanita muscaria was a beauty!

This is my safe mushroom!
They van be yellow or white
and has teeth underneath the cap.

Mushroom supper, straight from the wood!
with onions, red pepper and eggs

5 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

the one on the tree looks like an oyster mushroom - they are good to eat

Marjie sa...

I knew Dog would be right there to tell you about the mushrooms!

monica sa...

eggs and mushrooms...hm.. must try it some day! can you please come over, and come with me mushroom hunting??

buffalodick sa...

I'll eat Morels, Puffballs, Stumpers, and after that, store bought anything of any fungus they sell! After that, I'm just not that big of an adventurer!

Jocelyn sa...

Holy jinkies, but that looks delish. I would be nervous to bring home any mushroom from the woods, except the very distinctive morel. I don't trust my knowledge, otherwise.