torsdag 30. april 2009

Another cornbread

I'm googling cornbread
I've tried one that was cakelike, sweet and nice
but I've heard that it can be used as a sidebread to warm meals!
Today I've tried a more salty version.
Less sugar, less fat, more cornmeal and with canned corn.
Since I have my lovely chile
I added some in the batter
just because.
I didn't follow the reciepe all the way
I swapped the oily skillet with a bread baking tray with baking paper
It worked very well!

Lovely with or without butter.
If there is any left at dinner time, we'll eat it on the side.

tirsdag 28. april 2009

Fish and falling trees

To my fish, I need color and spice today!
The fish, fried in olive oil and chili
served with rice,
just what I needed
Then a walk in the wood.
Today the wood was full of hvitveis
the ground was covered with a green carpet and white flowers
Several trees had fallen over during the winter

The flowers didn't seem to mind,
they kept on growing on both sides of the root.

Young trees had to bend over, when the older tree fell.

mandag 27. april 2009

Red and hot

Today I recieved
all this heart warming chile
from my friend Le Chien
I like it!!
I'm thinking about all the good food
I'm going to make with it!
The color, the smell, its heaven!
I even got seeds to plant!
They are already in the soilThanks Le Chien, you know how to warm a Nordic heart!

søndag 26. april 2009

A spring adventure

Before going on a daytrip to the cabin
I made pancake batter and put it in a bottle

It is always fun to make pancakes out doors
with our long shafted pans
over a fire
pancake with jamor what about a couple of pieces of chocolate?

Picking flowers: Hvitveis
and drinking cocoa
We met som friendly reptiles:
and some frogs
busy laying eggs in the water

mandag 20. april 2009

Three different things on a Monday

Another flat tire!
Little Chef can't do without his bicycle!
Mommy's fixing it:

I was looking out at our hedge
It is still kind of grayish, untill the leaves come.
Suddenly my eyes cauht something green:
a little misteltoe has started to grow. It is always green.
Misteltoe is a protected plant,
we should not cut down a tree if there is a misteltoe in it.
Who's gonna kiss under it?
Probably the little birds, they sound very jolly these days!
Craving something salty?
Try some caviar on your crispbread or sandwich.
Usually I eat it with boiled egg
but this time I had a boiled potato.
Yes, you can put that on your bread!
Strange maybe, but very tasty

Cheese cake

This is one of my familys favourite cakes
It requires no baking in oven:
225 g digestive bisquits crushed
125 g butter
200-225 g Philadelfia cream cheese
100 g icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanillasugar
300 g sour cream
0,25 l cream
yello - made with half the amount of water
(to this packet I used 0,25 l instead of 0,5 l)
Melt the butter and crush the bisquits in it
press down in the bottom of a round bakingtray (22 cm)
with loose bottom and baking paper
Mix cheese, sour cream, icing flour and whipped cream
add yello when it had cooled down, but still is liquid
Pour on top of the layer of bisquits
Put the cake in the fridge to set
If you want a fancy topping
make another batch of yello
also with half the amount of water
when the cake is set and the yello is cooled down
leave it in the fridge and pour the yello on top.
This is no cake for a diet, unless you're far to skinny
But every now and then, just to treat yourself
It's perfect!

lørdag 18. april 2009


I crave something tasty for dinner!
Mince, onions, garlic, tomato, red pepper, and chile.
Ah, I love chile!
Stacking Nachos
Cheesy melting
Guacamole, chile-corn-bean-mix, and sour cream.

fredag 17. april 2009

To throw down the glove

There is so many things to tell
we are so much more than we show
Luckily we can decide what to tell in our blog
It can be a place free of stress and
a place of peace, creativity and recreation.
I want it to be like that
and fight my battles away from here,
At the moment
I'm throwing down my glove and challenge our challenges
But being mostly a passifist
I do it with patience, patience and
LOVEAnd the gloves?
I pick them up from the floor
take them on
And throw the Love sign
Before I get out to my rake and broom
to fresh up the garden after the snow
I enjoy this morning crunchyness
Kellogs All bran plus, linseeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, banana and buttermilk.
Come on gloves, lets get out in the sun!

mandag 13. april 2009

Good riddance

It was just a bit too much snow left
with my spade and wheel barrow
I moved a ton (or more)

Oh, the blisters in my hands!

and then off
where the cruel sun shines

Good riddance!
Then some good viking bread for lunch

søndag 12. april 2009

This and that at Easter

Hepatica ( Norwegian "blåveis")
Is is one of the safe signs of spring in Norway
They were once about to go extinct around were we live
because everyone picked them to make spring bouquets.
They have been protected for years,
and we now enjoy their lovely blue faces where they appear.
Like this: at the corner of the cabin.
The lamb of leg, made a tasty stew that lasted two days

This is my first ever cornbread
Very good, and very yellow,
I will definitely make that again!

torsdag 9. april 2009

Easter joy

Oil in my muffin trays
We're making Yorkshire puddings
Fluffy puddings, always a hit!

Easter leg of lamb
Carved and juicy

Meat, yorkshire puddings, gravy, gratinated potatoes and vegetables
While eating, the Easter bunny knocked on the door!

We like it!!

Sweets, marzipan and chocolate