søndag 19. september 2010

Announcing the contestants and the winner

I am hereby announcing the contestants of Battle Chocolate
September 2010
There has been a lot of interest and 5 bloggers came forward
with their chocolate temptations!
As they came in, I was thinking of how to pick the winner.
I will now present the contestants in no particular order,
and tell you how I chose the winner at the end.
Treat'n'trick made Cocoa shortbread
I like the way you almost used the recipe, but not quite
Thats my cup of tea, and the way I do a lot of my cooking!
(when I use recipes at all, that is)
And how did you know I am a sucker for shortbread!
Then there was
chocolate and vanilla trifle with blackberries and chocolate syrup
from ChezWhat
Trifle is one of my favourite desserts!
You cant beat mixing chocolate with blackberries
and the levels with different taste
really speaks to me!
Next up was the Chocolat-inspired chocolate cake
Dark, with chile and coffee
and inspired by my favourite film: Chocolat!
The cake being "adult-tasting" suites me well,
buy the kids a Marsbar, and leave the cake to us!

There was the Chocolate rasberry cheesecake from
Again the Chocolate and berry combination, but this time Cheesecake!
I usually make cheesecakes cold (no bake)
and I've never tried a chocolate version,
but I can just imagine the mild chocolaty cheesy creamyness
together with the sweet and tangy rasberries!
Finally there was Chocolate tamales with Ancho chile fudge sauce
This was a whole new world for me,
I've never made nor eaten tamales
and I never thought you could bake like this!
The Chile versus Chocolate-thing, well you already know I've discovered that connection!
I now totally understand why Christo chose to draw the winner
because how on earth do you pick one from these!
I told my son Little Chef I was going to throw a dice
to decide who should win!
He said it wasn't right, and frankly I would be a bit of a coward if I did it like that.
It was my Battle, My theme
I should pick the one that spoke loudest to me.
So I went through them again..
Before I tell you who I picked
The price is A modern version of the Norwegian invention:
The Cheesegrater
I'll send it off together with a
culinary curiosity from Norway.

Finally, this is the post that spoke the loudest to me, and made my heart jump:

Chocolate Tamales with Ancho Chile Fudge Sauce


Remember you are the host of the October Culinary Smackdown 2010!

10 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

chile tamales is brilliant - congratulations Rebecka

Grumpy Granny sa...

Way to go!! I would have chosen that one myself. Excellent.


intuitive eggplant sa...

Great entries, all, but my culinary curiosity is especially piqued by the chile tamales! Great job hosting, Anette!

girlichef sa...

Congrats to Rebecka...I was totally enamored by those chocolate tamales, as well =) Thanks for the great battle, Annette.

Rebecka sa...

Yippee!!!! I can't believe I won!!
Thank you, thank you, Krakilette♥♥

Each one of you has been an inspiration to me over the past few months and your entries all deserved to win!

When I began blogging just a short time ago, I never imagined it would fill me up with so much joy. Reading your blogs and gleaning your expertise has made for a wonderful journey.

Winning the honor of the Culinary Smackdown, "Battle Chocolate"... priceless.

I'm so excited to host the October Smackdown and hope to do it justice as I choose the next ingredient...my mind is racing...what will it be??

From my kitchen, with my hands, from my heart♥Rebecka

Heff sa...

doggybloggy's is the one that caught MY eye, but you're the judge !

Marina sa...

Congratulations to Rebecka!!! I'm sorry I missed the competition but I had to go back to Greece for a few days since we had an unpleasant fact in the family...Next time maybe...

Marjie sa...

In my mind I got confused and thought the contest ended this weekend! Sorry, Anette. And thanks for all the chocolate to make me hungry....

LaDivaCucina sa...

Congrats Rebecka, I can't wait to take a closer look! Me likey chile and chocolate. I wanted to participate in this one but it just kind of snuck up on me! The dishes all look so lovely! Thanks for hosting Krakilette, great job everyone.

Rebecka sa...

Thank you Marina! I hope your family troubles are better now! My prayers are with you♥

Again, a big thanks to you all for your support and well wishes! I love the food blogger world! It's filled with so many kindred spirits♥

Please stop by my blog to join me as I host the next Culinary Smackdown Challenge.."Battle Chile" I love spicy hot foods so this battle should prove to be very exciting...hugs to all!!