lørdag 11. september 2010

Chocolate truffles with a hint of chile

These sweet babies
have a friend: Chocolate
Hot chile from New Mexico
in 1 dl cream
Warm up til just boiling
add 200 g dark 70% chocolate til melted
and maybe a drop of coffee
Leave in the fridge until next day

Handroll to the shape and size you want
but fast and cool your hands if it starts to get too sticky
Put them in a box with a bit of cocoa powder
make sure they get cowered with cocoa
One mouthful of this
is dark and wonderful heaven!
One week left until the
Don't forget!

4 kommentarer:

Jeannie sa...

Mmmm..would love to pop one of those into my mouth and feel it melting!

monica sa...

yummie big time! love your new head photo!! Love it!!

Heff sa...

I couldn't find time to enter the Smckdown this time around, but I WOULDN'T have topped YOU, anyway.

Those look great !!!

I'll be around to check out the other entries !

Grumpy Granny sa...

Looks like I am early, but my entry is up here:


Can't wait to see the others!