søndag 5. september 2010

Cabin life and chocolate

My husband enjoying his egg, toast and bacon
5 degrees Celcius in the morning
so we had to put a log on the fire
Jumping frog competition
my sister won
She didn't brag much about it!

Flower in the sun
On it's way down but still pretty

Applecake when we came home
with apples from the garden.

That more or less sums my lovely weekend up!
And now my friends
Don'd forget my challenge to you
The theme is Chocolate
I do love it!
Check out this
or this
or even this

2 kommentarer:

monica sa...

aaahhhh - it is oooozing of comfyness and good vibes :o) and that apple cake - yummie, big time!

Marjie sa...

It's getting cooler here, too. I'm resisting hubby's offers to turn on the furnace for at least another week.