tirsdag 10. august 2010

The big 14

Little Chef once was his mum's little sweet boy
He still is after 14 years
even though he soon can carry his mum!
Yesterday he celebrated his 14th birthday
His aunt brought what he had asked her to do
Oreo cake!
The day was warm and lovely
and we had a garden party with the family
Tonight there is a bunch of lanky boys and girls
all of them around the same age
laughing, talking
and consuming pizza.
Since there is one vegetarian and one with coeliac
There was one pizza with everything
one without meat
And one without gluten
And for Pink Princesse and mum,
who wasn't invited
there was Wok
Birthdays are fun, love and food!

5 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

Happy Birthday to your young man! You still look the same.

Marina sa...

Happy Birthday to your beloved son!!!Aren't they growing too fast? And how come WE don't??? Ceriously it seems like yesterday you had him!!! You have good genes!!!!
Do you know that "oreo cake" means nice cake in greeks?

Anette sa...

Marjie: Thanks for gratulations and compliments!

Marina: Oh, suddenly I realized who the visitor from Belgium is! How is everything with you in a new country?
Thanks for the compliment! It's strange when you see two photos like that, it was just like yesterday I carried him like that im my arms, and yet, you can see how time has gone by!

Marina sa...

Yes it's me from Belgium!!!
Everything is ok- thank god!- and I hope I will post something soon, as soon as I tidy my new house!!! I'm in Belgiun since 29th of July. Lovely country and people and although my french are pure they're helpful and kind. Ofcourse I miss the sun (but not the 40 degrees they have in Greece)and my family, but I see them every day through internet and skype.I just looove technology!!!

monica sa...

happy birthday to little Chef - and hooray for his mom who doesn't look any older at all than 14 years ago! amazing!