onsdag 25. august 2010

Being a winner, then a host

I'm a girl that enjoy ordinary days, plain things
and down to earth living.
When my friend Christo hosted a sandwich challenge
after being the winner of the Culinary Smackdown in July
I thought, thats fun, and started to fantasize
about spectacular sandwiches..
There was to many ideas,
to many choices!
Then it dawned on me:
Plain girl, plain sandwich!
So I picked something I like
took a photo
(then ate the sandwich)
and looked forward to see all the wonderful sandwiches!
The next day
the results was presented to us Chez What
All those colorful, and without doubt wonderful tasting sandwiches!
Among them
The little Star from the North,
Scrolling down, I suddenly realized:
I won!
How fun, how strange!
So this is me now:
(the resemblance is, well, not to bad)

Christo told me:
You know, now you are the next host!
(slight panic attack)
But I've come to my sences.
I'll host. Maybe not as skilled as he did
but still!
The theme for the September Culinary Smackdown is:

Anything related to chocolate or cocoa

Do you take the challenge??
You have until 18th of September to enter the challenge.

16 kommentarer:

Heff sa...

Hmmm. Interesting ! I'll see what we can do !!

LaDivaCucina sa...

Who doesn't like chocolate? I hope to participate and will give it mucho thought! Cheers!

Karl sa...

Good afternoon Anette,

This will be a challenge, I don't do many sweets.

Marjie sa...

Gee, if I'd known a week earlier, I'd have held off on my chocolate roll. But you know my kids love chocolate, so I'm bound to make something between now and then!

doggybloggy sa...

GOOD CHOICE! Lets see what I can come up with - and this is good because I have been asked to write a post for a chocolate blog so this is good timing.

Marina sa...

Yes, Annete!!! Belgians love chocolate and so do I!!! To bad for my body and kilos, to good for my taste and happiness!!!
When I saw the date for the chocolate challenge I knew I had to participate cause that day is my wedding anniversary and the previous one my birthday. So lots of chocolate will be around my home:)

Grumpy Granny sa...

Count me in!


Jeannie sa...

Sounds like a fun challenge, I am looking forward to the roundup:D

All Our Fingers in the Pie sa...

I should really do this challenge. I just bought 6 kg of chocolate and need to experiment. When is the reveal date?

intuitive eggplant sa...

Great theme for the next Smackdown, Anette! But I'll be on vacation and unable to participate. Will look forward to everyone else's entries, though. Happy Smackdowning, everyone!

girlichef sa...

Oh man, chocolate!? Okay, I suppose I can indulge in a few sweets this month...it's a rough job, but... LOL! Good choice =)

Rebecka sa...

Hello Anette, I'm new to your blog and really love to do food challenges, so I'll attempt to make some chocolate thingy and enter your Smack Down! My mind is racing...so little time and so much to do!!

Rebecka sa...

Just wondering where to post my entry for the Chocolate Smackdown?? I tried all the links on the post but none took me to a place to add my recipe link. Help! Please advise♥

girlichef sa...

Hi Annette. Wasn't sure where to send my entry, so I'm gonna leave it here: http://girlichef.blogspot.com/2010/09/on-hunt-for-that-perfect-chocolate.html Thanks for hosting the battle this month =) ~Heather

Rebecka sa...

Following suit with girlichef and leaving my contest chocolate link here...Thanks again for hosting!



Hello Anette,

I'm new to your blog, love this theme, linking up my entry here:


Thanks for hosting this challenge..