fredag 26. november 2010

Battle Lemon

I wanted so much to enter The culinary smackdown November
Kitchen flavors, this is my entering
and this time I have to enter with a previous post
(you said it was allowed)
Lemon bars from one my favourite
pages: Joy of baking
Sweet and tangy
With cream on top!

3 kommentarer:

kitchen flavours sa...

Hi Anette, Your lemon bars looks delicious! Thank you for your entry. I have already linked your entry to the challenge. Good luck!

Marina sa...

I don't know about the taste but the presentation is for an "A"!!! I love the blue dish too!

monica sa...

ah yes - amazingly deliciously...

can you come over and play? and bake for us too? we just got a new freezer that needs to be filled...