tirsdag 2. november 2010

A dark and not so pretty story.... but oh so dangerously good!

You know how beautiful a dark and untoutched
chocolate cake is?

And being a blogger
I like to show a beautiful and tempting piece of it
on a plate.
But this time, I'll show you the cake
two days later,
after we've had family over for coffee and cake twice:
Don't you think it looks like the last piece has
"Anette" written all over it?
Or it can still be divided
in to two pieces,
one for me and one for you!

4 kommentarer:

monica sa...

what's not pretty about it? looks alrighty to me :o)

kitchen flavours sa...

This cake looks really good. I can see how moist the cake is. Yummy! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Glad to see you. Your chicken chile entry looks really delicious! It has been fun taking part in the challenge. Hope to see you in this month's challenge. Have a nice day!

Marjie sa...

The last piece does have Anette written all over it. And I think a cake that people have enjoyed is a thing of beauty!

claire sa...

holy cow! i would have taken that cake down all on my own if i had the chance!!