onsdag 10. november 2010

Boys will be boys

Every now and then
my husband, the yorkshire lad
invites a few of his friends over to watch a football match on tv
The menue is maybe not the typical football kind of menue
They just love them some cheesy scones!
And the kind wife always treats them with a batch!
They shout and cheer and enjoy the ups and downs
until the match is over.

Tonight there is not even a match to watch,
but why not meet any way
they just light some candles, talk
and drink tea with their scones

Who says men can't talk with eachother!

6 kommentarer:

monica sa...

he better be appreciating his kind and loving wife! which I am sure he does.. cheesy scones, sounds sooo good :o)

Heff sa...

Those look GREAT.

Hey, who's the current Culinary Smackdown champ ?

I lost track after YOU won.

Anette sa...

Monica: he does appreciate both scones and wife :-)

Heff: The current champ is:
http://mycookinggallery.blogspot.com/2010/06/sambal-petai-with-eggs.html She on the chilebattle of October, hosted by At home with Rebecka!

Marina sa...

Come to my blog! An award is there for you!!!

ayamlin sa...

Hi! it's been a while.
reading your blog, I can tell how husbands enjoy talking each other while watching a game!
and I know it but you're a very good cook!
I like all your dishes.
they look very yummy!
I wanna eat them!!

Marjie sa...

Cheese in the scones sounds so good!