tirsdag 18. januar 2011

Fishy meatballs, or meaty fishballs, thats the question

I love salmon
usually ovenbaked
But sometimes I like to vary
Today it's fishy meatballs

If you have a food processor
These are so easy to make!
Salmon, garlic, herbes, some potato starch, an egg, salt and pepper
Served with wholegrain pasta, pesto, cherry tomatoes and peas

and some feta cheese for the delight of it!

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Gina Cuff sa...


doggybloggy sa...

AMAZING! I made salmon cakes and I just uploaded the pictures - I was going to post about it tomorrow or the next day....this looks nice and tasty.

ayamlin sa...

Oh, is it salmon?
it doesn't look so!
japanese eats salmon often:)
it's good to eat it with rice.

monica sa...

Loverly - absolutely !

Marjie sa...

Somewhat like Christo's salmon cakes, only bite sized! I love fish with a nice simple pasta.