fredag 7. januar 2011

Friday food

It's Friday
In Norway many familys serve Tacos,
this have become a favourite amongst the young ones!
We're not so in to taco shells
but we like tortillas and home made naan bread
with loads of veggies, beans, chicken mince, cheese,
salsa, kesam etc
The idea is
You choose what you want!

I'm wrapping my stuff
in a tortilla

Messy eating,
I don't mind at all!
I've got a spoon to help me out!

1 kommentar:

Marjie sa...

That is exactly how I serve tacos: everything on the counter, and choose what you want. and I usually serve them on Friday or Saturday, too. I use a spoon for mine, but my 11 year old uses his fingers to pick up his mess. Oh, well, that's what soap is for!