søndag 16. januar 2011

Snowy blue morning at the cabin

It's a while since I've been to the cabin
This weekend we went there,
with our two teenagers.
It's not to bad that they still enjoy a weekend at the cabin
with their mum and dad.
Gandma and granddad came on Saturday
and stayed until Sunday
It was crowdy but peaceful
and everyone was in a good mood
The snow was falling quietly
and covered our tracks
On Sunday we returned home
rested, happy, scruffy and with a pile of laundry
Just as we are supposed to do, after a
Weekend at our cabin: Goro

6 kommentarer:

Jeannie sa...

Looks like fun, I would love to be able to experience a snowy weekend in a cabin too:)

monica sa...

:o) the path leads to... a place where you literally freeze your but off - n'est-ce pas?

.. we have no more snow - the rain has conquered..

Gina Cuff sa...

Oh to have a lovely, little cabin deep in the woods to get away for awhile. Sounds like heaven to me, Anette! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. :)


Marina sa...

OUOU!!!! I haven't seen SO MUCH SNOW!!! How can you walk in it? Isn't it really cold???

Anette sa...

Jeannie: I wish you could!

Monica: you know where that path leads to! Thats how cabinlife is!

Gina: It has saved us many times, it is our sanctuary! If there was hard times, we always left the troubles at home!

Marina: Actually it wasn't to cold! (compared to earlier this winter) We wade along, and try not to get snow in our boots!

Marjie sa...

I'm sure it was a lovely weekend. It's a nice change of pace, even for teenagers! Our snow is not that deep, but that may change tomorrow!