søndag 2. januar 2011

Every now and then, a fresh start if you want

We are in January now
And we're supposed to swap these

with theseThats allright
We can't be celebrating and eat Christmas grub for ever
It's time to embrace the simple life again
and maybe get back to hole number two in the belt again
(instead of number three and four)
There's still one more
rich dinner to go:


Well then, all set and "vel bekomme" as we say in Norwegian

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

I remember this extra special meat - I wanted to taste it then and I want to taste it even more now - HAPPY NEW YEAR...

ayamlin sa...

Happy new years,Anette!
I'm sure we spend great and beautiful time this year:)
peace and love**

by the way we don't have tomatos like your picture.
it looks sweet and delicious!

monica sa...

pinnekjøtt ja... sa hun og kjente munnvannet hope seg opp... kålrabimos..mmmmm...

Marjie sa...

Happy New Year, Anette! I figure moving the belt back a notch will happen when we get a little more daylight and can get out a bit! Meanwhile, I'd like those tomatoes.