søndag 20. februar 2011

Cold feet, warm heart/soup

We are freezing here!
Trying not to complain, but -10 and below for 4 months?
I think my husband will get cold feet
if he puts his feet in these frozen things!
Soup is the answer
while we wait for the milder weather
"Potatosoup" is on the menue
Notice the vegetables have about the same color?
(except for the sweet potatoe)
Thats how you sneak in vegetables
to the ones who squeal if they find a piece of onion in a soup
The blender is your friend:
Smooth ptatoesoup with sausages
Heart warming.
For young and old!

8 kommentarer:

Marina sa...

Still freezing??? How can you live in the cold for so long?
I sometimes dream of the hot greek weather BUT...what can I do...Summer will come in three months and I'll be there!

PS: Is the tranlator comfortable for you? Have you used it at my blog?

Gina sa...

We are buried deep in snow, Anette! It will be ages before we see green grass again. Not as cold as where you are though!

Soup is the perfect thing to warm anyone up. :)

monica sa...

hm.. guess someone wish they'd remembered to take their shoes inside...

Love the soup..

Marina sa...

The day I comment you about the cold we had snow too!!! This year is very cold for me! And alhought today the sun is on the sky, the cold is huge!!!

Marjie sa...

The blender is a good friend. And soup is a good antidote to the cold and snow. We had 2 days of 50 to 60F weather, and it was back down to 5F this morning. I know that winter is not yet gone, but I always hope!

antigoni sa...

Soup is perfect for cold days.
I missed you and your tasty posts.

doggybloggy sa...

the color is perfect.....sneaky blender action is my middle name

Marina sa...

Ι tried to continue writing in English too BUT I had problems and I couldn't post...That's why I stopped my English writting! Thank you for keep visiting...! I will too...!!!!