mandag 7. februar 2011

A taste of spring

We have been in England for a few days.
We turned our backs to winter and frost
and went to the mild and sunny Britain!
The people we met complained about the nippy weather, but for us
the sun, the mild rain and the gales were just lovely
11 degrees celsius, aaah!
The air smelled of spring, moist ground and little flowerbuds.
One day we went to

What a nice place for a daytrip!
Pasteries and pies

I had the best tuna sandwich ever, home made crisps
and a salad so green and fresh that I could taste the sunshine! When it was time to go home
to frost, snow, work and eternal Mondays,
I wasn't so keen on that
But on the other hand
I loved to sleep in my own bed again, drink the fresh water from the tap
and be home.
After all
only home is truly home!

6 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

I always say I don't want to go anywhere else, because if I didn't love my home, I'd move. That's a very pretty town in England! And, we wouldn't complain about 11C (50F) here. We got up to 35 today - about 1C - and Thor was happy outside!

doggybloggy sa...

its nice to go places but its always nicer to come home....

gemma sa...

There's no place like home but that looks like a fabulous place to visit. 40 days til Spring tra la. Stay warm.

Gina sa...

Hi Anette, welcome home! It sounds like you had a lovely time in England. We hope to make a trip to the UK at some point in our lives.

monica sa...

A Pudding factory?! how neat is that...

Marina sa...

Happy to see that you had a great time back to England! We're planning to visit England at Easter...
I'm sorry I'm writting in Greeks at my blog but it was too tired for me and it was demanding alot of time to write in two languages!!!
BUT if you want to visit me you can easily use the tranlator!!!