søndag 27. februar 2011

Optimism and cabin life

Because of the long long winter
I found myself moaning and complaining
more than usual about the weather and the cold temperature!
I have decided to stop it.
In two days it is first of March
I have decided that for me, thats when Spring starts!
(even if the snow stays put)
This weekend we went to the Cabin.
Sunday Morning it looked like this:
Lonely hammock
The cabin

The shed
But first:
This was the inside of the kitchen window when we came to the cabin
on friday night after work.
The temperature outside had risen to 0 C (32 F)
And we were so pleased with it!
Inside the cabin it was -4 C (24.8 F)!
We took it as men (and women)
Made a fire
Kept our coats and mittens on
Made some cocoa and kept the spirit
While the temperature slowly rose

A while later
Dinkie threw her coat and curled up in front of the fire
I made a colorful salad
and baked the lasagne I made at home thursday evening.

(The magic is in the planning)

It was a lovely friday night!
Teenagers and parents,
Lovely food and a
a crappy horrorfilm

The snow on the roof outside the door
was threatning to slide down in our heads,
but nothing happened except an occational ice cold
drop of water down our neck
A sign of spring!

6 kommentarer:

monica sa...

ah.. jah... ingen som badet i Kullerød Tjern da... du glemte å fortelle hvor kaldt det må ha vært på do... :o))

ayamlin sa...

Hi Anette!
I wanna spend time at your house even only once.
seeing your blog, you cook good dishes always and there are white beautiful scenery outside!
even if it's cold outside, I'm sure I can spend warm time there!

Marjie sa...

Poor Dinky! It's a good thing she has a warm sweater. I'm looking forward to spring, too.

Marina sa...

My parents in Greece are complaining for the bad weather and the low temperature!But a friend from here went to Greece for a few days and told me that it's nothing...We have temperatures around zero and I'm feeling ok! Yes...I finally got used of the Belgian weather!
I'm sorry but my translator has a problem! I'll try to fix it tomorrow!
Hugs (to get warmer...ha...ha...!!!)

Marina sa...

My translator is ready to serve you!!! Visit me whenever you like!!!
Are you feeling warmer today?

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