fredag 18. februar 2011

Crumpet and Cartman

When I came to England for the first time
I tasted Crumpets also for the first time.
Toasted with melting butter filling the little holes
Very British indeed!
Something not so British is this guy:
My kids enjoy watching South Park, and I must admit
I enjoy it too sometimes!
The other night I watched it with my kids,
after a long and exhausting day
and I said:
Today I wanted to tell the others, like Eric Cartman:
"Screw you guys, I'm going home!"
In fact, I want a t-shirt with it written on my chest!
Little Chef said: Why don't you then?
I googled it, found it and ordered it, because I thought i deserved it!

I am a good girl most of the time
but every once in a while
I have to let my own Eric Cartman
shine through!

1 kommentar:

monica sa...

hm - crumpets... sounds yummie, had to google it... you need special rings?

great t-shirt statement...