lørdag 12. april 2008

The Norwegian lunch style

Lunch in Norway is traditionally not a hot meal.
The kids in school bring their lunch in a box or wrapped in paper.
Sanwiches with cheese, ham, liverpaste, etc.
We have a brown sweet cheese that is very common.
People from other contries rarely appreciate it I think.
Adults bring their lunch to work like they did when they were young.
Even when we're off, like today
we still make some sanwiches for our lunch.
Even if things slovly change
we're clinging to our dear sanwiches
with butter and brown cheese.

2 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

I would love to try some of your brown cheese, those sandwiches look so special.

Anette sa...

Maybe there is a shop where you can buy scandinavian stuff, I bet they'll have some there. Loads of Norwegian have emigrated to US in the years. I bet many of them longed for it! It is one of the most norwagian things I know! You seem to be a brave and openminded food taster: try to find it, and taste it, and tell me the verdict. Remember, its sweet. (lovely on waffles, buns, crackers and fresh baked bread!)