søndag 6. november 2011

Hibernating is what I've been doing!

It's the season of hibernating.
My daughter is far up north going to school
My son is busy with his friends so I suddenly have much more time on my hands

I haven't been blogging much lately
I guess I have been on a break
Maybe I needed a little break, but now I'd like to
get on board again, alt least do it a bit more often
than I've done lately
I kind of miss it!
It's November but in my garden the Calendula officinalis
is still blossoming
and my dearest flower: Lupinus, My favourite!
I planted it this spring and at last, there is a Lupinus in my garden
I have special place in my heart for this flower.
Some people called it a weed and warned me not to plant it
but I've tried for years to get it to grow in my garden.

1 kommentar:

Marjie sa...

It's not a weed if it makes you happy. How nice that your flowers are still blooming, even in November!