tirsdag 22. november 2011

Crackling and ashes

When I was going to post something about this piece of pork meat with it's crackling
I thought
have I written about this before?
I've been doing this blog since 2007, so I probably had.
I searched my blog
(feel free to do the same)
and found one post:
Almost exactly 3 years back in time
(give or take one day)
This is a common Christmas dinner in Norway
only not in our house,
it's kind of frowned to eat this in November
Many people take their Christmas food tradition very seriously!

We enjoyed in November anyway, as we did 3 years ago
according to my blog.
It's a bit nippy outside
so we keep a fire going when we are home.
Every now and then, the fireplace needs to be emptied
It is full of ashes!
Dinkie is waiting impatiently because she just loves the warming fire!

The ashes must be cold, the bucket shouldn't be flammable
(like mine is)
and you should never leave it on the steps outside your front door for later.
A few houses has burnt down over the years because of that!
Embers can keep warm inside of ashes for a long time!
My house is still standing, I emptied the bucket far from my house straight away!

2 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

Hot embers are why we don't use our fireplace! I love that Dinkie's sitting right there waiting to be warmed!

monica sa...

Lovely tradition ! We too love slow food and a warm fire..