fredag 18. november 2011

Pears and inspiration

One of my friends treated his pears
in an intriguing way
Here in blog land, we're allowed to be inspired
by each others efforts.
So my pears got undressed
and started soaking!
A good warm soak, in red wine, lovely spices and citrus peel
Then cooling off and staying ther over night
The day after, the pears came out to rest
and the wine got reduced until thick syrup
Tanned and well rested
On a bed of cream made of an egg and sugar whipped fluffy
and mixed with whipped cream.
With the oh so heavenly syrup, the taste so concentrated tha you wouldn't believe it!
Trying to make it look pretty
Worth waiting for!
Thanks Christo Le Chien, for the inspiration!

2 kommentarer:

christo AKA doggybloggy sa...

so very pretty - you made a much prettier design than I did - mine kept mixing together too much...GREAT JOB - i bet everyone who had them loved them...

At Home with Rebecka sa...

Beautiful!! I've really enjoyed reading about your Christmas traditions and all of your delicious holiday meals! The photos of your pears are gorgeous!