tirsdag 15. november 2011

The calendar project

My daughter Pink Princesse goes to school
far up north if Norway.
In a couple of days, the sun will disapper for quite a while
She is wondering how she will cope with it!
Where we live, further south, the days are short in the winter
but the sun never disappear completely so it will be her first time!

To cheer her up
I'm preparing a Christmas calendar
for the days in December until she comes home for her Christmas holiday!
One little present for each day.
A little break after the wrapping
Burger and chips, Little Chefs favourite!
He wants a calendar too!

I'll send them off, one package at a time
You can't beat getting mail!
That'll put a smile on her face
and make her feel special
my sweet girl!

4 kommentarer:

Zoe sa...

That's very sweet of you preparing all these presents. I'm sure that your little one will be thrilled seeing all these great gifts and thoughts.

Marjie sa...

What a nice present for your daughter. I know you're missing her like crazy. Tomorrow one of my girls comes home for Thanksgiving week, and Tuesday the other 2 are coming. Wednesday all the boys will be back and the house will be its normal noisy self!

monica sa...

lucky pretty princess..

altadenahiker sa...

Beautiful banner photo. And you're right -- getting something besides a bill in the mail is a real treat.