onsdag 31. august 2011

Pink food and a sea urchin

Last weekend we had a lovely party
with cousins we hadn't seen for a long time!
It is a special thing to share genes and familymemories!
We had prawns, a social and active kind of food!
In Norway most people know how to peel a prawn
and they are usually served with the shell still on.
On our travel up north the week before, we met
another pink sea creature.
I haven't tried eating sea urchins
I don't know if that is common in Norway!
Put they are fun to look at, and quite pretty!

tirsdag 23. august 2011


This is the view from our daughters window
at her school far up north of Norway
We wnt to Harstad this weekend to take her and all her stuff
safely up to school. It is more than 1500 km away from where we live,
so we went by car, then plane, then rented car.
What a fantastic place!
The photos will tell ther own tale:

These are the feet of two parents
who just dropped off their daughter at her school
and had to sit in the sun and try not to get overwhelmed
by the urge to go and fecth her again or give her one more hug
before we left.

onsdag 17. august 2011

Slipping through my fingers

I feel like the mother in this ABBA song these days.
My daughter will be going away to a school
far up north of Norway in a couple of days.
We are cleaning out her closets, packing suitcases
Talking laughtng and taking a break
with a game of Yatzy every now and then.
How will it be without her around the house?
Very quiet and strange.
Of course this is all we want for her
going out in the world and embracing it!
It's the way it should be, but it is still strange
and I will secretly be bringing some kleenex
for the way home...

torsdag 11. august 2011

Growing up

Little Chef, not so little anymore!
15 years old
We went to the cabin for his birthday
The menue he chose was ham, gratinated cheesy potatoes, veggies and gravy
We have to keep it simple at the cabin,
not the most fancy presentation, but the young man was pleased!
For dessert
Birthday cake!Ok, Dinkie is little
but these lads are getting so tall!
These are the legs of Little Chefs friends
They are taller than 190 cm both of them!

lørdag 6. august 2011

Our Capri

Once again we have spent a lovely week
at Capri, Strømstad in Sweden
This is our Capri,
as it probably is for many others
We have returned to this place for several summers
The sunsets at Capri is devine!
Little Chef is rowing.
Pink Princesse is enjoying the sun set with Dinkie
The rocky shore
While being there, we had plenty of good grub
The photo isn't giving this fishcake enough credit!
Under a sky like this
you feel humble