fredag 1. mai 2009

Now this is the good life

This is our new black kettle.
It's should not to be shiny like this,
but black like the sott that covers it after ten minutes over the fire.
hence the name.
The coffee was splendid!
The spicy sausage with potato salad, ketchup,
mustard and crispy onion
in a bun
And for the first time this year:
Strawberries, oh hallelujah!
I love strawberries!
Note the sun, it has been lovely today!
Strawberries with cream for dessert.

3 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

now that is the good life......

Marjie sa...

I love strawberries. We're still subsisting with the ones we picked at a local farm and froze last summer. They ripen in June here. I can't wait! I'm thinking of planting some of my own.

buffalodick sa...

Heaven on a bun....