torsdag 6. august 2009

Corny pork

Having english as my second language can be challenging
when it comes to naming ingredients when I cook.
I might name them all wrong, but bear with me I'm doing the best I can
If you see me make an obvious mistake, please tell me
I love to learn!
Anyway lets call this meat
smoked pork chops
Its not too far from the truth I think.
Corn as sweet as candy
A rare pleasure!

Potatoes au gratin, chop and corn.
Maybe not the most elegant plate
but genuine and tasty!

3 kommentarer:

Marjie sa...

Elegant is not always best; comforting and homey is. And I would never ever criticize your English, since it's not your native language. You do great! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

doggybloggy sa...

that plate screams summer! it looks so good and comforting..

gemma sa...

Spectacular! Those potatoes are screaming my name. Not that the resto of the plate isn't. Yum!