tirsdag 25. august 2009


After a good meal
it might me time for something sweet.
When I was little we had dessert every day.
My mum did like her mum did
it was a way to make dinner complete
and also a way to make your money last.
The desserts was old fashioned puddings,
fruit and berry desserts
things like milky tapioka soup(we called it pearl soup),
samolina pudding, bread pudding
We didn't have a lot of money,
but we always had our dinner and dessert.
These days I don't live up to my mum's standard.
We never skip dinner
but dessert comes mostly during the weekend.
We love our dessert!
Apple dessert and whipped cream
Home made icecream, pears, cookies and chocolate sauce

Cherry crumble and whipped cream
Aah, sweeat heaven!

4 kommentarer:

doggybloggy sa...

wow they look great and it makes them and the weekend even more special plus your waistlines stay trim...

monica sa...

yummy... givemesome!!

Marjie sa...

My dearly beloved's mother made dessert for every night, and that's why he begged me to do the same for our children. It creates nice memories for them.

ayamlin sa...

Hi Anette!
oh, it must be sweet heaven!!
can I have the last one, please!
Oh.... I'm getting hungry...
even though it's over 11 at night in Tokyo....